SAND creates unique and compelling branded experiences for clients in the green technology, transportation, and sustainability space so they can build an enduring relationship with a thoughtful audience that wants a better world and a hopeful future.

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SAND serves organizations dedicated to sustainability.

  • 01. Non-profits

    Non-profits that work to sustain the environment and community.

  • 02. Transportation

    BRT, train lines, homeland security, e-mobility and more.

  • 03. Energy/Green Tech

    Home sensors, solar power and storage installations, wind power advocacy.

  • 04. Space

    Strategic and creative work to support our sustainability as a species.

Our ideal clients provide us with:

Access to decision-makers • An established budget. • A chance to contribute to their organizations' success (and share in it as well). • A marketing framework — message, mission, a reason for existing — or an opportunity for us to help create one for them. • A desire to follow a proven process — creative briefs, research when needed, market intelligence, approvals. • Chemistry, kindness and courtesy. • Respect for our need to profit.

SAND offers these services.

  • 01. Conceptual creative

    For those in search of an elusive big idea (not a 0.06% CTR). Design, copy, web development, video, social, events.

  • 02. Brand Strategy

    Discovery, positioning, expression and messaging to multiple audience segments.

  • 03. Naming

    A proven process for developing unique, memorable, relevant, and ownable product and company names.

  • 04. Education

    Workshops and media to help business people participate in the creative process.

SAND clients include:

Nantucket Community Music Center, HSB/Munich Re, The Connecticut Forum, The Undefeated/ESPN, Nantucket Lighthouse School, National Space Society, Nantucket Dreamland Foundation, Nantucket License Plate Project, Sandpiper Place, White Heron Theatre Company, Wheels of Delight, Allies Air, ACKSmart Solar, Orbital Assembly Corporation, Nantucket Shellfish Association, Nantucket Bay Scallops, Field Elevate, EEV, barrie.prints (my favorite client).

This is a random sampling of recent creative work. Our creative philosophy is to do work that is different. Unexpected. Engaging. If this makes you a little nervous, that's a good thing. If you would like to see more, reach out and tell us a bit about yourself. We will put together a quick, custom portfolio of relevant examples. >>Contact us.

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Let's do this. To explore working with SAND, send an email to grant[at] with some basic info. Thank you.

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Nice. Keep going.


I'm Grant Sanders from SAND.

I have an analogy for you.

An ad agency is like a tree.

Yeah, bear with me here, okay?

A big tree.

A strong tree.

Trees come in a lot of different shapes and varieties.

With specialized parts like bark and roots and a trunk and branches and leaves that all do different things while they all work together.

(You know, like media, creative, account service, digital? You get it.)

A tree can be quite amazing — a marvel of nature.

I look up to them.

(Tree pun.)

But, consider this.

A tree's reason for existing is growth.

To grab sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, and photosynthesize the shit out of everything to expand and survive.

(The same is true of agencies, but the three things they need to grab up to survive are workers, time and new business.)

For this reason, the most successful trees tend to be large and heavy in order to compete for the sunlight.

(Sunlight = clients. Agencies are always pitching.)

Trees are slow to change.

Somewhat rigid.

What I mean is, if you want to make an apple pie and need apples, you can't go to a Douglas fir and expect to fill up a bushel basket.

Am I right?

I've spent a good amount of time in the trees — agencies.

CPG agencies, design firms, digital shops, pharma agencies, B2B firms.

I've been a freelancer, copywriter, creative director and an agency owner.

(But not in that order. Long story.)

When I decided to start my latest venture, I fully intended to plant a new agency.

One that I could grow and prune and nurture and enjoy.

But after four years,

(and a little thing known as the global viral apocalypse,)

despite all of the good stuff we've done,

I've come to realize something.


Is nothing like a tree.

SAND isn't big, slow, or rigid.

Because we don't need, or want, to grow.

We don't make money off the backs of junior creatives.

We don't have hourly rates.

We don't pitch.

It's not that we are anti-agency (or tree) we just don't want to get caught in that "upward" spiral, you know?

So today, I'm standing before you with an ax in my hand.

The "agency" label is getting chopped.

I'm changing my web address and putting something different out there.

Something that can be small and nimble, yet resource-rich.


One seasoned pro when you need him (me).

Resource Rich:

A team of 25 seasoned free-agents when you have a big, juicy project that needs to get done.

(Seasoned. Like firewood. Good for heating things up.)

Put another way:

10x the capabilities of a freelancer.

10x the adaptability of an agency.

(Is "freegency" a word? Well, gosh darn it, it oughta be.)

SAND delivers know-how and time.

Insights born out of a proven strategy and process.

And creative that uses those insights in a rather kick-ass way.

(Otherwise, what's the point?)

Plus, we will continue to offer valuable, insightful content. For free.

Because we believe in giving.

Yes, SAND will be a few different things going forward.

A source for creative thinking.

A strategic powerhouse.

A media producer.

A teacher.

But what we won't be is an agency.

Or a tree.

(Trees don't do so well on the beach, anyway.)

Welcome (back) to SAND.

Hope you dig it.

(Sand pun.)